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How to Start your Workers’ Compensation Premium Audit

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3…


We try to make the review process as simple as possible by minimizing your time and effort.  Our workers’ compensation review can be conducted easily through phone, fax, mail and e-mail. Our review process is as follows:


  • Have you locate as much of the workers’ compensation Policy Information that is readily available in your files. Please see the Definitions of the information we are seeking if you need assistance.


  • Execute and substitute the correct contact information on the Letter of Authority, copy the letter to your letterhead, sign the letter, and mail it with the policy information you've located on site. Send all information to:

  WorkComp Premium Recovery Group
P.O. Box 370254
Denver, CO 80237


  • Once the initial information is received by WorkComp Premium Recovery Group, we will assist in obtaining the missing policy information. Once all the documentation is received, we will conduct our review and provide our findings.


  • As the overcharges are located, we will prepare a written report detailing the errors and provide you with the necessary documentation needed to recover the workers’ compensation overcharges.