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Sales Associate Opp.

Independent Sales Associate Opportunity

The Market

As workers' compensation insurance is state mandated, the market for an independent workers' compensation premium audit is extraordinary. Millions upon millions of companies are a potential client. Our contingency fee based - no recovery, no fee model provides a simple opportunity to market our premium recovery services.

The Process

We assist you in gathering the information needed to conduct the audit, you forward the information on to us and we take it from there. Once we receive a check from the client, we forward a commission on to you.

Income Potential

Our history indicates that refunds are located 70% of the time and a typical recovery has been 10%-15% of a client's average annual premium. For example, if a client has paid on an average $100,000 per year for their workers' compensation insurance, a typical refund would be approximately $10,000 - $15,000.

Training & Support

We will provide you with all the materials needed to get started quickly including:

  • Training Manual
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Marketing Brochures and/or Marketing Portfolios
  • Teleconference Sales Training
  • Access to Our Extensive Knowledge Base
  • Access to Account Information 24/7 Via CompTracker



For a fee of $695.00 and an executed Independent Sales Associate Agreement (select the link below), Sales Associate will receive the following:

  • Ten (10) Marketing Portfolios
  • 250 Personalized Business Cards
  • Training Manual
  • Power Point Presentation
  • On-Line Access to Testimonial Letters on our website

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