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Workers Comp Review and  AuditFounded in 1990, WorkComp Premium Recovery Group is the leading independent workers' compensation premium recovery firm in the nation. We specialize in identifying workers' compensation insurance premium overcharges, obtaining workers’ compensation premium refunds and reducing workers’ compensation premium costs. That's all we do!

With over 70 years of combined experience in the work comp premium matters, our experience and "inside knowledge" of the system allows us to detect and uncover workers' compensation premium overcharges; resulting in refunds to our clients.


Most business owners aren’t aware that they've been overcharged until our independent review is conducted. This is due to the constant changes in the workers' compensation industry including rating bureau (NCCI & state specific) rules and regulation changes, policy changes let alone the application of incorrect rates, discounts, classifications, experience modification calculations, erroneous payroll and audits.  Most of the technical errors we locate are beyond a typical agent's scope. 


There's no cost for our confidential workers’ compensation premium review. We are compensated solely on our performance as a percentage of the savings realized by your company. No Recovery. No Fee. We are not affiliated with any insurance carrier or agency and do not sell insurance.