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Classification Error


A national wholesaler had its California operations improperly classified for years. We advised the client of the proper classification. An inspection was completed by the rating bureau and the rating bureau agreed with our findings. The carrier issued refunds to the client in excess of $220,000.


Payroll Error


A New York based manufacturer had an audit processed by its carrier and was being hounded by a collection agency for additional premium. The client initially requested the assistance of their agent; however the agent was ineffective. We stepped in correcting the payroll.  Instead of the client owing the insurance carrier $13,000 the carrier issued a refund check of over $26,000 or a total savings of $39,000.


Overstated Payroll Error


A Florida based casino/race track had a physical audit performed with an additional premium due. After reviewing the auditor worksheets we determined that the auditor failed to exclude certain wages from the audit. We advised the insured to request a revised audit to reflect the payroll exclusion. The insurance carrier provided the client with a return premium of approximately $45,000.


Experience Rating Error


A Georgia based trucking company was previously insured by a self-insured trust that became insolvent. The trust failed to provide NCCI with the client's payroll and loss data. We worked with the insured's new carrier to have the exposure included in their experience rating.  This reduced their experience ratings by ten percent (10%) per year. A refund check of $42,000 was issued to our client.


Estimated Audit


A Colorado based contactor had a waived audit where rather than having a physical audit performed, the carrier billed the insured based upon the estimated payroll that was provided at the beginning of the policy period. Upon review of the actual payroll, we determined that the actual payroll was significantly less than the estimated payroll. The insurance carrier processed a revised audit to reflect the actual payroll and a refund of $34,000 was returned to the insured.