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I don't have the time for another "project." How much of my time will the audit take?

Our goal is to minimize the amount of time needed from your staff. The typical involvement for our clients is a couple of hours stretched out over time.


How will my agent handle the news that his/her work will be audited?

Most agents recognize that what is good for the client is what matters. Most agents do not have the time or the resources to conduct the in depth review that you will receive from WorkComp Premium Recovery Group.


Why do we need your services when my agent already does that for us?

Workers' compensation is all we do. It is virtually impossible for your agent to verify all the details involved in your premium calculations. For instance, often times agents do not receive copies of your experience rating worksheets or the auditor's worksheets to review their accuracy. Without these items, it is impossible to verify if you were charged the correct premium.


My insurance company just performed an audit. Why do I need your services?

Insurance companies perform an annual audit to determine the actual payrolls for the past policy year. The auditor is there to adjust your company's estimated payroll to the actual payroll figures. The auditor is not there to locate overcharges.


What will our insurance company think?

Insurance companies want to be sure that the rules and regulations as mandated by the Division of Insurance are followed. Our review will confirm the insurance carrier's compliance with these rules and regulations.


You're actually selling insurance, aren't you?

We do not sell insurance. We verify that your current and previous insurance companies have not overcharged you.